Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dealing with kids

Okay I know that alot of people have kids. I have one whom I love dearly but I wish sometimes that he came with instructions. Mine is a very special boy. He is artistic, smart and very funny. He is not perfect but he is mine and I would not trade him for the world. He has issues with impulse control and anger so that leads to problems. We have had an excellent school year so far but recently he has been acting up and I have no clue to what has triggered it. I think we let up on him as far as rules and things. He does much better with a tight schedule and knowing the rules ahead of time. He is young emotionally but big physically so that in and of itself are problems. I just want so much for him to be happy, well adjusted and able to function in the world. He has soo much to share with the world. I see him doing great things. I know every parent says that bout their children but he is really different and unique and has that extra spark. I guess allot of the issues are mine and not his. He has not been an easy child to raise. He is not like the Brady kids.. perfect and normal. I know the road he has will always be difficult I just pray for strength to help him through..

Monday, October 27, 2008

Budding Writer

B has decided he wants to now type his books. He has been writing stories(well I wrote them for him before he could write) since he was about 4. There are tons of his scribblings all over my house. I try to contain them but to no avail. So he told me he wanted to type is stories now. Well we get to my mothers and used her computer since she keeps him while I work. We open a word doc,name it and explained how to save it.
Well he stared and it is slow going he is hunting and pecking. He said typing was too hard and he will do it this way for awhile. He has worked on this story everyday for about 2 weeksWell he stared and it is slow going he is hunting and pecking. He said typing was too hard and he will do it this way for awhile. He has worked on this story everyday for about 2 weeks. He won't let me read it but my mother said the chapers are days in the life of Mr.Monk. Now who Mr. Monk is I have no idea.But he can write all he wants he may be the next Clive Cussler or Nora Roberts. I don't care as long as he is happy.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Be Happy

I read all kinds of blogs, web pages etc. everyday while working. One from Laurell K Hamilton really struck me. She resolved to be happy which I think is excellent. Only we can change ourselves and our environment. I had someone from my past ask me recently what happened to me. My first response was what do you mean? Then I realized LIFE happened to me- Marriage, childbirth,divorce etc..I had become afraid, negative and fearful. So not like me at all but I guess like I had allowed myself to be. But after reading her post I thought I would make the conscious decision to change my outlook and look for positive in everything and just be happy to be alive.

Save the Contempory

I Hope this works

Monday, May 5, 2008

I'm still here...

Vertical Horizon is playing- I'm still here as I type this out. I haven' t been in the mood to write anything book or blog.. My muse is not talking to me soo nothing going right now. Just checking in. Have an EXCELLENT Monday!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Missed my Friends

Well I just got off the phone with my friend Lisa T. They are in Pittsburg at RT (Romantic Times Booklovers Convention). Every year we all go but this year sadly I did not get to attend. Just not in the finacial cards this year. I really need that trip though it is good for me to have "adult time". I am a single parent and have full custody of my child so it helps me to have some me time. Usually we -my group of best girlfriends go to this con. So I am hoping no I am going to New Orleans in November to be see all them.